The Transition: Prophetic Word from 2007, It’s happening

The Transition by Sue Patterson on The Threshing Floor

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Member of the remnant body of Jesus Christ preaching the everlasting gospel in the last days of gross darkness
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5 Responses to The Transition: Prophetic Word from 2007, It’s happening

  1. LANCE A VOYLES says:

    Thanks for posting this Chris. So great to hear Sue’s voice again, albeit through an old download that we heard so many years back. I continue to think about her and Randy’s teachings as I just cannot seem to shake the metaphoric language that they taught us, as well as the multiple layers scripture can have. I have been praying about exactly this lately as so few other bible teachers have caught on or carried forward this teaching. Do you still have Sue’s contact information as maybe you two could post an interview together for those who remember? I had all of their numerous Mp3 downloads from back then but may have lost them on a hard drive that I cannot get to open anymore. All the best – Lance

    • cmardern says:

      Hi Lance,
      Well we have many of the Third Day shows archived above right here on Soundoctrine. I spoke to Sue last year when all the awareness of the Noahide was happening she had a tragedy, her sister was murdered by her own husband, Sue nursed her for a month before she passed. She was still dealing with that to much to do a show together but she did seem open to doing a show together. I’ll contact her. See if she would be ready to get together. That would be awesome. So much of what she put out then with Randy is happening for sure. Truly amazing. Stay tuned Lance, thanks for the comment.

    • witness777 says:

      I’ve put together what I’ve collected here, brothers/sisters. Grace, and peace.!AgQfbQTw5eYpggA1dRzKroBmWy1m

  2. Lance Voyles says:

    Sue mistakenly said “act” was H5556 but it is actually H5656 and may apply itself better as its meaning is attached to the root H5647 that has included in its meaning “+husbandman”.

    Isa 28:21 “…his act,H5656 his strangeH5237 act.H5656”

    All His best!

  3. cmardern says:

    Interesting, I’ve alway seen the strange act as the way God allows his houseto be infiltrated with false teachers for judgement. Its been a long time since I’m done a study on Isaiah 28. There is so much there. fitches and the cumin. Those are things the farmer sprinckles into his field to enhance the wheat crop. I did study that once.

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