The Other Gospel Of The American

The Other Gospel Of The American

Lost Tribes

Few believers in this wicked and adulterous generation truly understand the concept of how just a slight variation in the truth of the Gospel will progressively deteriorate into what the New Testament calls “another Gospel” (II Corinthians 11:4) — and one of the most lethal strains of this theological leaven is found in the concept of the “lost tribes” of Israel.

An aberrant belief structure which dates back centuries, the story of the separation of the Northern tribes of Israel from the Southern tribes of Judah is Scriptural, but it is also complex, and requires a serious measure of Spiritual discernment — something that is sorely lacking in the halls of religion where the “lost tribes” are emphasized. The basic idea is related to the claim that when Israel was judged by the LORD in the 8th century BC (II Kings 17:23), and the 10 Northern tribes were scattered from their ancient homeland, their descendants became the dominant tribes which emerged as the proto-states of Europe, which would subsequently make many Americans and other nations at least partially descended from Israel as well.

Referred to with terms as diverse as everything from “British-Israelism,” to “Christian Identity” (or the term widely used which is “lost tribes”), the story is appealing, and intellectually stimulating on many levels. Indeed, the fact is, several scholarly historians have indeed traced an Israelite presence around the world– most notably American writer Stephen Collins, whose published work showing an Israelite presence in the ancient kingdoms of Phoenicia and Parthia are fascinating. However, the fact is, with the coming of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, as revealed in the New Testament, the emphasis on the multi-generational physical lineage of the tribes, and the political development of the contemporary kingdoms of the last two millennia completely obscures the central issue of the true identity of Israel.

As a result, numerous pastoral false prophets have risen, who are using the basic data of the tribal migrations to present another version of the Gospel — but the prophetic paradigm created using the massive amount of data linking physical Israel to numerous kingdoms throughout history, culminates in the “gospel” of the Antichrist. Teachers such as David J Smith. the late Pastor Pete Peters, and even the various groups which were related to the Worldwide Church of God founded by the Herbert W Armstrong, are all preaching another Gospel generated through a Spiritually deficient view of this historical perspective.

Ironically, the research which traces the Israelite presence through England, Germany, Italy, France, the Scandinavian states, and the Americas reads like a membership list of NATO — which makes the prophetic interpretation offered by the false prophets even more credible. The situation is not dissimilar to that which is seen in the prophetic implications of the contemporary state of Israel, where the emergence of the Jewish state in these end times is extremely significant, but not for the reasons being promoted by the false prophets.

For example, one worldview says the tiny nation is pivotal to prophecy because it’s comprised of the descendants of the “chosen people,” so events are always geared around the idea that God will call His chosen to repent during a prophesied time of great hardship, viz, the tribulation. So too, the lost tribers, who identify the modern Jewish state prophetically as an end time’s form of “Judah” — as opposed to the American led cluster of Northern tribes of “Israel.” Following the false prophet’s version, after a terrible series of tribulational events and a great international repentance, the LORD will rejoin the two “houses,” and a new era will emerge as the two factions (Israel and Judah) are then said to be renewed Spiritually, in a spectacular fulfillment of a number of prophecies.

The truth is, as the “lost tribes” proponents have a considerable animosity towards the Jews (and vice versa), we are seeing the classical friction associated with the concept of the Dialectic, wherein two factions (Hegel’s thesis and antithesis) collide in order to produce an emergent synthesis. This formula is Satanic through and through, and the Spiritual signatures identifying the true nature of both factions are everywhere — if you have the Spiritual eyes to see. For example, any ministry which adorns itself with the Star of Moloch (Amos 5:26), referencing the Satanic symbol as the so called Star of David (chapter and verse, please), is clearly a vessel of dishonour.

In this rivalry, the Euro descended “Israelites” will tell you the Jews are not really the Jews, they are Kennites (descendants of Cain), Edomites (descendants of Esau), or even Khazars (an ancient Indo-Turkic people who converted to Judaism, then supposedly forgot they weren’t “real” Jews). Conversely, “Messianic” Jewish believers, and other evangelicals (such as the millions in the Rapture Cult) who believe the physical Jews have retained their “chosen” status even during the New Testament era, decry the British-Israelites as anti-Semites who are vying for the role of the “chosen people.” This conflict is already developing a synthesis incorporating elements from both perspectives, and the emergent system is called “Two House.”

As all the factions just described are completely inhabited by what the Apostle Paul called “the Mystery of Iniquity,” as evidenced by their participation in the process of the Dialectic, the Two House system is the inevitable end of this ongoing series of Dialectically driven conflicts. Theorists in both camps are commonly citing the prophecy in Ezekiel, wherein the prophet was told to take two sticks, representing Israel and Judah, and join them into one stick:

“Moreover, thou son of man, take thee one stick, and write upon it, For Judah….then take another stick, and write upon it…for all the house of Israel…And join them one to another into one stick; and they shall become one in thine hand” (Ezekiel 37:16,17).

The text goes on to say there will be one nation and “one king shall be king to them all” (Ezekiel 37:19). That one kingdom is a Spiritual kingdom, and the one king is JESUSbut this was fulfilled at the time of the arrival of Jesus Christ, for His “kingdom is not of this world” (John 18:376). By pushing this prophecy to a point in the future, the Two House Heresy is saying Jesus did not fulfill His role as the King of the united house of Israel — a classic characteristic of the unbelief emanating out of Christ-rejecting Israel (I John 2:22). 

The circumstances are profoundly similar to the prophecy in which David was told his son will build the temple of the LORD:

“David, Thus saith the Lord of hosts….it shall come to pass, when thy days be expired that thou must go to be with thy fathers, that I will raise up thy seed after thee, which shall be of thy sons; and I will stablish his kingdom. He shall build me an house, and I will stablish his throne for ever” (I Chronicles 17:7,11,12).

This was a prophecy fulfilled by Jesus Christ, as the “Son of David” (Luke 18:38), and the “house” that He built was made of “stone..cut without human hands” (Daniel 2:34), for it is a “kingdom [which] is not of this world” (John 18:36), as it is found in New Jerusalem (Revelation 21:2), which is on the other side of the “veil” (Hebrews 10:20) of His crucified body.

Solomon, as the physical son of David and the king of Israel, reasoned that he would be the one to fulfill this prophecy; and although he engineered a superb physical temple, all of his earthly energized efforts came to nought, as he ultimately defiled himself and turned to the devils masquerading as gods to sustain his worldly kingdom (I Kings 11:7). This is precisely what is going to occur as the Two House heretics rise to dominion at the end of the age.

The crucial fact is found in the New Testament truth which tells us that our position in Christ is not impacted by those who seek to use the prophets and the Bible to move an agenda forward. “The kingdom of God is within you” Jesus told us, and the idea that you may have any Israelite blood in your family line is completely irrelevant to the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The emphasis on a physical form of Israel — whether embedded within Euro-American history or found in present day Jerusalem — is a rabbit trail that turns the believer’s attention to the world, instead of the much deeper Gospel of the kingdom of God which is found in Jesus Christ.

— James Lloyd

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  1. reyjacobs says:

    Honestly I don’t know anything about all these movements you are talking about. But one thing I know, and that is that Paul himself is the very ‘mystery of iniquity’ and ‘man of lawlessness’ that he speaks of. Also when Paul says “God will send a strong delusion” he is referring to his own doctrine of justification by faith alone — for the delusion is that justification is by another other than morality which alone can justify, not faith, not ceremony, not ethnicity, not sacrifices of animals or godmen but moraltiy alone.

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