The Rededicated Temple

As you can see I’ve been stuck over the time since the last show. I’ve been seeing so much but have been unable to put it together into anything that would be of any value. A new new friend on Facebook, Lance who had tracked with the Threshing Floor and Third Day studies that many of us came out of, shared his heart and now has showed me the work going on, on a website called Returning Home. This is everything I’ve been seeing concerning the regathering, and all that the Lord has shown me though it has been fragmented. This is a problem for the A.D.D. posterchild as I share often, how I struggle to put thoughts into words. Well in Gods perfect timing we find Hank who has done a tremedous job of tying so much together. It is a new season I believe for all of us, as the Lord does gather his flock, his way, in his timing. Please read these 2 articles and stay tuned folks, things are getting very interesting very exciting. I’ll look forward to comments,

The Rededicated Temple

The 2 Witnesses

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  1. Vickie Jacobs says:

    WOW, Chris,
    I need to go over this a few times. I’m just amazed!

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