The Lampstand by T. Austin Sparks

As I continue to press in and understanding comes, the struggle to put to words what I see is getting even harder. Came upon some of T. Austin Sparks work this week and was thrilled to hear his teaching on the lampstand. He put it all together in the 50’s as he saw the place of the lampstand and it’s “branches” as the furniture of the temple that is removed and the aspects of judgement. So clear now as we see the 2 witness lampstand body show up right at the time of the 5th and 6th trumpet judgements, in sackcloth and ashes over the condition of the church. Theodore Austin Sparks saw it all 50 years ago. This is not an easy listen but worth the effort. On a side note, there is an interference in the background where the prince of the air had his way even when this sermon was preached probably recorded on reel to reel with “Anything Goes” playing in the background. Actually quite ironic.
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