The Final Remnant: Partakers in My Inheritance

He ties the 2 witness ministry together better than anyone I’ve heard. So good!

Eze 44:28 And it shall be unto them for an inheritance: I am their inheritance: and ye shall give them no possession in Israel: I am their possession.

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Member of the remnant body of Jesus Christ preaching the everlasting gospel in the last days of gross darkness
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4 Responses to The Final Remnant: Partakers in My Inheritance

  1. seekingtruthintorah says:

    Shalom to you in Messiah Yeshua.

    Thank you for reposting our teachings. I ask that you please consider posting part one of this series and that you be aware of our sharing policy when reposting a teaching.

    Thank you and we pray a blessing on you and your ministry.

    Yours in Messiah Yosef ben Avraham

    • Lance says:

      I went to their website and decided to not dig any deeper in to the materials due to this. I’m not sure why it’s so buttoned up and polished if time is so critical. That said, I did enjoy the two videos posted very much.

  2. Yosef says:

    Shalom Lance. I am not sure what you mean by buttoned up and polished. If you are referring to the sign in page. Its not to keep people out or to prevent them from reading the material. We have had some bad experiences over the years of people taking the teachings and making them their own with our consent. So for that matter we chose to make a sign up page. Everything on the website is free and if you sign up you are able to download as you wish. You right time is short but at the same time we need to be good stuarts with the truth. The choice is yours to sign up its not a button up at all. We hope you will listen to more then just the two teachings as there are 5 that I am sure you will enjoy. Lets not judge before we really know the reasons behind things :))

    Sign up you might be surprised :))

  3. seekingtruthintorah says:

    Shalom Lance. Its a pity that you judged the site based on that. Over the years we have hand unfortunate instances where people have taken the material and made it their own with out giving credit. They have taught it and used it as if they wrote it. We place all our teachings on Youtube where anyone can listen and watch and we invite then to subscribe to the website to download so that we can have a community where people share with one another in a healthy environment. I am sure you can find 5 min to sign up and enjoy the site if you are able to listen to the teachings.

    We have nothing to hide just a deep desire to share the truth and to be a good stuart of what Yeshua has given to us. The site is by no means a on lock down.

    Shalom Yosef

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