Watchmen Weekly Archives: The Dad Show

2012-movie-cusack1Originally titled the Dad Show. We took a look at the pressures placed upon the modern man. In typical Hollywood fashion, John Cussack save the day with minutes to spare. Minutes to spare seems to be the narrative. Is this what is being set up right now. The propaganda mill is pumping, nukes are being readied…or are they? Are we being set up for the ultimate deception. Will Donald Trump in classic Hollywood fashion, stop the nukes, with minutes to spare against the evil Russians.

As I’ve been saying, I’m not making predictions just commenting. We shall see…Enjoy this Watchmen Weekly Archive Show:

Join Gordon Comstock and Chris Ardern as we look at fatherhood. Note worthy is Gordons observation of the epic disaster flick 2012 and it’s alegorical value as the plight of the modern father. In the end John Cusack gets Amanda Peet, and her approval, back and all he had to do was save his family and the north american survival ark from the apocalypse. This movie has the happiest ending I’ve ever seen.

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