Greetings all saints may God’s peace and rest be upon you

The OT Israel was supposed to be a light unto the gentile world,…. after 1500 years that light had slowly become complete darkness, from the time of Moses forward…Israel had become iniquity on steroids……. now after 2000 years of sorcery from the false prophet (Acts ch 8), the same thing has repeated over again; the Christian church, who was supposed to be the light unto the world, has also become iniquity on steroids again, and has become the darkness unto the world…No more gospel going forward (the sun is darkened, and the moon turned into blood, and stars are falling away from heaven).
This is why Jesus said in the Olivetti Discourse that “iniquity will abound” –“and the love of many shall wax cold”……(this is the same story with Lucifer, iniquity was found in his heart in Ezek 28, and Isaiah 14) ….. Lucifer encounters his own ambition, likewise man encounters the zenith of his own ambition, this is “666” in Rev ch 6……it’s man’s own ambition….That is why it references Solomon the man of wisdom, and the number of the beast, six hundred and three score and six,,,,,,,It was referencing how Solomon’s ambition destroyed everything,,,,,,,,These are the death and hell riders of the pale horse….The death is (iniquity of man’s heart. “aka” lawlessness ), and the hell that follows after is the false prophet (the church, world religion),,,Both of these beasts get their power from the dragon (Rev 13)…Both of these beast get cast into the lake of fire…Restoring the waist land is when God rebuilds the wall (typed with Joshua, and Zerebubel in the OT) ‘aka’ the 144,000…This wall has been re-building since Pentecost, This is how Israel gets restored , Jesus has been restoring Israel through the power of the Holy Ghost…This is basically unseen by man and the world, because they are blind……The whole world today is drowning in the flood lies which brings about his own worst enemy, his own ambition’ ‘ie’ trying to help God, just as the Jews and the Pharisees were 2000 yrs. ago in there epoch of ambition…Man has reached the zenith of his own ambition,,, (gen 6,and every thought of his heart was continually evil)…
They will copy all of the bible prophecy in the flesh; this is the natural order of unregenerate man. He sees and does everything from a earthly perspective., thus they recreate their own shadow of bible prophecy….(man lives in the shadow, while he rejects the Spirit and true substance of “Jesus Christ”) Likewise does he miss the real substance of HIS prophecies; the TESTIMONY of Jesus Christ is the Spirit of prophecy….They don’t know what the testimony of Jesus Christ is, because the are darkened by the shadow of things, and can’t grasp the real substance….The have missed everything by 2000 years…God is restoring an Israel to himself today, but they can’t see it….Their very own ambition blinds them….The underground Christians in China, Africa, Indonesia and many other places all over the world is the true “Israel that God” (Gal 6-16) it is being restored through persecution, the church in the western civilized world won’t be restored until that persecution reaches Australia, Europe, Canada, America, and the rest of the one world utopian society..One by persecution will they become God’s people again….this is sad but true, they age of deception is closing (the false prophet) and the age of the beast is rising (persecution)……The deception by all the little Simon the sorcerers, such as TPC are going to lead everyone back to the first beast of persecution…..same old story over and over again in the text….Inn the book of Job it is found in chapters 40 and 41,,,,Behemouth and Leviathan…

The whole fake Israel thing in the middle east is mans ambition, it is codified with world trade agreements ,the UN, international law, peace treaties, building more churches for God, mans figure prints are all over it. Let’s build it for Him,> This iniquity of ambition has now encompassed the whole world, it was not possible before the discoveries of (steel and alternating current) in the 19th century..This allows man to fulfill all of his ambitions, and build his world utopia of Babel…and it’s all for God too they say; this is what they think and believe in their carnal minds.
Man has become the epoch of his own ambition, (goals, builders, and climbers) so he is trying in his mind, like the false prophets such as Stan Johnson, to recreate bible prophecy in the flesh….we can ,we can, we can, we can do it!!!……It was never given to them to understand what Ezek was writing in the first place, it can only be understood by the Spirit of God…..which is absent in the world religious construct of man…”ie” a famine is upon the land” (Amos)….. it is a spiritual famine, thus when it come to discerning bible prophecy they try to recreate everything in the flesh through the impudent power of the carnal mind……They have not eyes to see, ears to hear, nor do they have a heart to understand….The traditions of men have made them completely blind…..At best, some of them have a patch over one eye, and can see half of the picture (patch the pederast pirate)…..The only understanding they have is of a carnal man. Peter and Jude called these false prophets “brute beasts”, while having no more understanding than an animal who seeks to provide for his belly… Man himself is the beast of revelation….It’s when the” transgression come to the full, “full apostasy” the abomination that makes everything in the church desolate…This is when man encounters the fullness of his own ambition, “HUMANISM”…..The whole middle east deception on both sides is nothing more than carnal beast HUMANISM……This is hard saying who can hear it….

To make it simple they take the book of Revelation, and the books of the prophets and turn them into carnal readings..Why? Because that is all a beast can understand….A beast cannot understand the spiritual warfare, and spiritual things. So the false prophets reads scripture with a carnal mind, and then ambitiously sets out to accomplish it all for God……Same story over and over in the bible….secular Israel is a carnal recreation of God’s true Israel.. (the carnal mind is at enmity with God)……..The whole world is of a carnal mind, and are at war with God….They be killing you and thinking they do God a service John 16-2….They are killing souls spiritually in the fake churches, and fake prophecy clubs with their false prophets, (little Simon the Magus’s) all the while thinking in their own carnal understanding they are winning souls for God…Big writing Luke put into Acts ch 8. Why because Luke saw the effects of this 30 years later in Rome….The people think the Simon the sorcerers like Stan Johnson are great men of God…
Luke did not first introduce the second beast of Revelation in Acts chapter 8 for no reason….The story is huge, and the world is full of little Simon the sorcerers trying to buy the Holy Spirit…There everywhere in the church today….It’s Simon Magus’s on steroids today….Satan is the prince of the power of the air, and his ministers (little Simons) come as angels of light….The people heap upon themselves these false teacher, while having itching ears, for signs, wonders, and fables….Simon was the best at giving them fables….They put all their trust in this great wizard from Samaria…He is still doing a job for Satan today, Simon has not gone away….Acts ch 8 is a huge revelation given by God through the apostle Luke….
Simon is alive and well today, while doing some great relief pitching for Satan in the CHURCH…

Once again; just like 2000 years ago, it’s all irony….Irony, Irony, Irony…..Man seems to never learn…his biggest enemy is his own ambition…..We will fix it for God they say, we’ll set up secular Israel in the middle east, because somehow Jesus forgot to finish it, even though he said twice, ‘it is finished’…Once time in the garden, and once on the cross…IT IS FINISHED,,,,,man says; Jesus somehow forgot to set up born again Israel……This is why Jesus told Nicodemous: YE ‘MUST’ be born again….Man cannot with all of his ambition even add one cubit to his own stature….And guess who Jesus used for an example when he told them that? The ultimate man of 666 Solomon (the man of his own ambitions)
Luke 12:27 Consider the (((lilies how they grow))): they toil not, they spin not; and yet I say unto you, that Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these.

Solomon in all his wisdom and glory could not like one of God’s true children…Who was the ultimate “Lilly of the valley:? It was Jesus Christ..Mans ambition is the opposite of Jesus, and is at war with God..

26 If ye then be not able to do that thing which is least, why take ye thought for the rest?

“The lilies” are (God’s true people, the children of Israel) “they toil not” (they have no self ambition)….They take no thought of tomorrow….The are in Gods Sabbath rest every day, one day at a time….

The beast like Solomon are obsessed with their own ambition, while always seeking to and cubits to their own statures (building up the world trade utopia)….Building up God’s church and reconfiguring HIS plans back into the flesh,,,That will work out real well…..Same story as Gen 11 and the Tower of Babel, it’s all confusion of faces….Daniel prayed in the prophecy in Chapter 9 for God to heal the “confusion of faces” of His people….Daniel 9-24 was FINISHED by the Son of man Jesus Christ 2000 years ago…He forgot nothing!!! HE RESTORED THE House of Israel…..It’s now born again Israel (Jeremiah 18) Now all man has to do is surrender and get in on it before it’s too late…Take heed; surrender is the opposite of ambition… Building secular Israel and a forced migration is not surrender, its ambition to fix it for God…..

Peace be with you, God bless the remnant of Israel and have mercy on the multitude…Joel 2-17…..Pray for the lost in the valley of Medigo (this is the battle of Armageddon that rages in the soul of the lost gentiles, the unregenerate man of the carnal mind, the beast) ……..“Jumping Josehosaphat” There was a time when Christians’ knew what this saying meant, multitudes, multitudes in the valley of Medigo, the valley of decision…It’s Time to make a surrender to Christ…
Ambition is the opposite of surrender..

Peace be with you always in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ

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Member of the remnant body of Jesus Christ preaching the everlasting gospel in the last days of gross darkness
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