Supernatural Sid


An Exposé of Jewish Supremacist Sid Roth

A popular “Messianic Jewish” media figure, Sid Roth has a significant following in books, radio, print, and television. Based in Georgia, his TV show It’s Supernatural! is carried by mainstream Christian broadcasters, and Roth’s recent book entitled They Thought For Themselves: Ten Amazing Jews, has over 1 million copies in print.

Sid Roth’s ministry is one of those which requires a bit of an effort to analyze, because the style of the message tends to sidestep and/or avoid the nuts and bolts of New Testament doctrine – instead utilizing a feel good, relationship driven message of encouragement and reconciliation, all predicated on a supposed effort to reach out to Jews.

Such verbiage sounds good to most believers, but as we know, the Scriptures tell us

“There is a way that seemeth right unto a man, but the end therof are the ways of death” (Proverbs 16:25).

The idea of reaching out to anybody, including Jewish people who need Jesus, is certainly a good thing – but the question du jour is, reaching out with what? As is the case in every Messianic ministry involved in the so called Hebrew Roots movement, Sid Roth’s message is reaching out to the Spiritually cold Jews with a lukewarm manifestation of the Gospel – yet another version of the Jewish Supremacism, which is guaranteed by the Scriptures to lead its adherents into perdition.

Those who have toured the heretical landscape that is found throughout the Antichrist movement which is known as Messianic Judaism can tell at a glance that something is wrong when they see the six pointed Star of Moloch (Amos 5:26) prominently displayed in any ministry masthead; but it’s usually a bit more difficult to precisely pin down just what is doctrinally wrong with such a ministry – especially when you have to dig to find out just what they really teach.

The fact is, any ministry that has not seen through the so called “Star of David” fraud, and continues to display the wretched symbol, whose denunciation resulted in the murder of Stephen the evangelist in Acts 7:43, indicates that ministry is so completely devoid of the truth that all should steer clear.

The prominent presence of the Molochian Star notwithstanding, the ambiguity found in ministries such as Sid Roth’s, is usually related to the fact that they’re trying to build a consensus among disparate Spiritual factions, and clear and coherent doctrinal statements virtually always offend people – a practice not conducive to financial support., or broad acceptance. This is related to the fact that Jesus said

“Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword. For I am come to set a man at variance against his father, and the daughter against her mother, and the daughter in law against her mother in law” (Matthew 10:34,35).

Like all larger ministries, it’s difficult to tell if Sid Roth personally wrote various items in his newsletter (entitled Mishpochah), or if it was prepared by an associate, such as Lonnie Lane, who has written dozens of articles for one of Sid Roth’s websites. However, Sid signed his name on a recent column in which he describes the “single sin” that “releases” the LORD’s “end time” judgment on nations – and predictably, that is the sin of “dividing” His land.

Citing the prophet Joel, Roth spins his web of deceit, clearly indicating that America will be judged for her part in attempts to bring a lasting peace to the tinderbox which is the Middle East.

Since the cited passage in Joel was penned centuries before Christ, and spoke of a coming captivity of Judah and Jerusalem, Roth’s sleight of hand in pushing the prophecy into our time clearly diminishes the astounding prescience of the prophet, who saw the events of the Roman siege, and the captivity and dispersion of the Jews, hundreds of years before the fact.

This is part and parcel of the Messianic fraud that claims America (or anyone else for that matter) will be judged for her treatment of the contemporary apostate state of Israel – thereby insinuating the famous prophecy that God will curse anyone who curses the “seed” of Abraham applies to the modern Jews – the foundational lie of the Spirit of Antichrist.

Don’t get me wrong: America is under judgment, but not for the reasons put forth by the Messianics. However, that’s not the central issue in the present exposition, as this work intens to shine the light of the truth on Sid Roth.

By embracing the monstrous fraud that physical Jewry still embodies the office of the “chosen people” as the “seed of Abraham,” Sid Roth and the burgeoning “Messianic” movement, coupled with evangelical groups such as John Hagee’s decrepit Christians United For Israel, are finding themselves warmly welcomed in mainstream Jewish circles.

Since the Spirit of Antichrist has been energizing the Israelite rejection of Messiah for centuries, The Rapture Cult, and a multitude of Messianic groups take this to be an indicator that “all Israel” is on the verge of being saved – thus fulfilling their corrupted version of the Gospel.

For example, Roth recently exulted

“I still cannot believe the great miracle God has just done! The Atlanta Jewish Times, a major traditional Jewish newspaper , recommended their subscribers read my Jewish evangelistic book…” (Mishpocha, #1105).

The obvious question should be, What’s wrong with this picture?

Anyone with an ounce of Spiritual discernment knows that “traditional” Jews (a euphemism for the Talmud-taught Semites who vehemently revile Jesus) practically spit when someone tries to “evangelize” them , so this Spiritually null and void generation of “Christians” assumes this new receptivity to the supposed gospel must be prophecy being fulfilled. This is because our entire generation has been weaned on the Rapture Cult originated concept that, after all the “Gentiles” that are earmarked for salvation have come into the fold, God will then move to save “all Israel” – and this faulty assumption is the stock in trade of virtually all Messianic groups.

It is an increasingly rare believer who can see through the charade, and realize that Messianic Jews have now found just the right admixture of truth and fiction to allow them to appeal this generation of collective Jewry.

As previously stated, the primary lie is related to the seductive concept that Jews are still the premier party in the LORD’s great plan – at a time when God has repeatedly declared the real Jew is the one who has left all behind (which would include vain traditions and previous Old Covenant standing) in order to embrace the cross.

But Sid Roth isn’t taking any chances with the fiscal health of his ministry, so he’s added a dash of the prosperity doctrine into his cauldron of Judaeo-Christian apostasy. He writes

“…no matter what happens to America, people who sow into the salvation of Jewish people will be extravagantly blessed. In the midst of judgment, watch God supernaturally protect you, your family, your income and health” (Mishpocha, page 6, emphasis mine).

Hopefully the reader accurately deciphered that veiled statement in Sidspeak. He just said that if you “sow” into reaching out to Jews – the word “sow” being synonymous with sending Sid your tax deductible donation – God will supernaturally protect you and your “income” because you helped the “chosen people.”

Ironically, Sid Roth is positioned to see explosive growth in his ministry, as the unholy partnership between Jewish Supremacist factions and apostate Christianity is prophesied to rise to unheard of heights in our time; but, as Jesus said

“What shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?” (Mark 8:36)

When one digs a little deeper to get at more detailed data concerning just why Christ-rejecting Jews are supposedly so open to the “gospel” presented by Roth and company, we find it’s because Sid has synthesized the truth of Christ with the lie of Judaism, and produced an abomination which maketh desolate.

For instance, on Sid Roth’s website, his associate Lonnie Lane tells us that when the Holy Spirit baptized the believers in Jesus Christ at the event called Pentecost,

“…the event was still within Judaism…. It was Judaism fully realized when all persons could be filled with the Ruach HaKodesh, the Holy Spirit, to fully follow the God of Israel.” (Roth website, Birth Of A Nation, Birth Of A Kingdom, L Lane, emphasis mine)

I’ve read the New Testament many times, and even have copies of most of the corrupted translations, but I’ve yet to find a verse that says when Jesus came into my heart to be my Saviour, I adopted “Judaism” as my religion!

If this were not an incorporated religion, we might suspect Roth is a master at product branding, for he has succeeded in a serpentine mingling of attributes from both Christianity and Judaism, and laced their wicked offspring with marketing hooks which appeal to both. Utilizing slick slogans such as “It’s Supernatural!,” and what he calls “One New Man,” this intellectual witch’s brew is saturated in a syrupy love for Israel, and seasoned with a touch of the prosperity gospel. In short, Sid Roth is a marketing charlatan who is leading significant numbers of believers to the lake of fire.

Over the years, we’ve learned the key to the many permutations of the Antichrist’s offerings is always related to the racist Jewish primacy found in Judaism. Thus, in Roth’s aberrant approach, every aspect of his version of end time’s events is predicated on the identification of Jewish people, and the present political state of Israel, as “the apple of God’s eye” – i.e. the “chosen people.”

So called “Messianic Jews” invariably seek to subtly emphasize to their Christ rejecting physical brethren that, if they will just come to Yeshua (Jesus), they will realize that they are fulfilling a promise which God made that Jews are unconditionally chosen to be drawn to the LORD. This is a deadly lie, and as long as it remains within the hearts and souls of adherents to this worldview, the results will always be in accord with the Spirit of Antichrist.

Indeed, in the process of trying to build bridges between the Gospel and physical Israel, instead of the truth being exported to the lost Jews, the leaven of the Pharisees is regularly imported into those seeking to reach them.

As a case in point, author Lane seeks to build rapport and relationship with lost Israelites by sidestepping the fact that they are in a Spiritually desolate condition, through saying the Old Covenant still has some value – but of course, they still couple such statements with the need to know Jesus. She starts out in the past tense:

“The sacrifices of Israel brought forgiveness to Israel, but they did not restore Israel to intimate fellowship with God such as born again believers enjoy” (The New Covenant Is Jewish, L Lane).

With this Dialectical approach, Sid Roth’s spokesperson tries to sustain the relationship with the Jews through a theological concession which asserts the Old Covenant still has a benefit, but quickly plays to the Christians by including the imperative that Jews still need Jesus.

She then subtly shifts her Diaprax (the practice of the Dialectic) to the present tense, and says that an Old Covenant animal sacrifice still has some value in the here and now:

“It may forgive individual sins, for that is what the Old Covenant sacrifices forgave, but it still leaves them in the sin nature that would mean eternal separation from God. Individual sins may no longer be counted against them through the sacrifices, but only sinlessness can be in, let alone remain, God’s presence and that is only accomplished by the atonement of Yeshua. I think we can all agree, with that information….” (The New Covenant Is Jewish, L Lane)

This is a classic application of the Dialog to Consensus (also called Neuro-Linguistic Programming), as highlighted in the previous quotation. For those unaware of the now pervasive process of the Dialectic, it was refined by Karl Marx, who drew from the earlier German philosopher Georg Immanuel Hegel (the process then known as the Hegelian Dialectic) ; but it’s most candid practitioners openly admit their primary role model was the serpent in the Garden of Eden.

The point is, the entire procedure is thoroughly Satanic, and it is built around the goal of trying to move a party away from a fixed position, through the process of Dialog, and the writings associated with Sid Roth just reek of it.

Although the Dialectic is complex, it is useful to simply boil it down to the simple formula that absolute truth, also seen as a fact, is subtly diminished through the process of Dialog, which seeks to preserve the relationship.

The fact is, Jesus Christ is the truth, and the Jewish rejection of the truth manifests the primary lie. Emphasizing the relationship with both, Messianic Judaism seeks to bridge the gap between the two. Ironically, this places Messianic Jews in the role of the mediator between Christianity and Judaism – thus replacing Jesus Christ who is the mediator between God and sinful man.

The Greek word for “in place of” is anti –- so in every sense of the word, Messianic Judaism is Antichrist. All of this, and much more, is accomplished using the language of Lucifer, and Sid Roth speaks it fluently.

Thus, whenever we encounter this process in religious circles, we’ve learned to recognize the true Spiritual source. Revelation aptly describes the use of the Dialectic in the end time’s “church” with the following prophetic imagery identified as the False Prophet:

“…he had two horns like a lamb, and he spake as a dragon” (Revelation 13:11).

Incidentally, many believers are unaware of the fact that a resumption of animal sacrifices by Jews is rarely repudiated by Messianics, because they see this as a vehicle which will help to build affinity with their Christ rejecting brethren. We have previously documented the efforts of other supposed followers of Yeshua who actually encourage a resumption of sacrifices among Jews, as they see this as a small step back towards the LORD.

Thus, we weren’t surprised to find Roth’s writer saying that Old Covenant animal sacrifices “may forgive individual sins” when, in fact, a resumption of any form of sacrifice is a giant leap into the bottomless pit.

Earlier, I noted how the presence of the Star of Moloch (which has been definitively linked to Saturn and other names of blasphemy, as opposed to David) is a Spiritual Signature, which reveals the hidden nature of various ministries.

The same is true of Dragonspeak, for whenever a supposedly Christian ministry (one that looks lamblike) is found to be speaking with the language of Lucifer known as the Dialectic, they have involuntarily betrayed their true nature.

There are dozens of other examples of Dragonspeak in the various writings found on Sid Roth’s website and print materials, and the Dialectic is widely utilized. Of course this group is hardly novel, as we live in the time of the long prophesied Falling Away, and in previous work we’ve repeatedly shown the final apostasy is a new world order, built around a consensus between Judaism and Christianity (the so-called Judaeo-Christian religion) , with its seductive power emanating out of the earthly city of Jerusalem.

Unfortunately, Sid Roth and many other ministries of a similar orientation have positioned themselves to rise along with this tide of apostasy -– but the true Remnant believer will study the Scriptures, and they shall know the truth — and the voice of Sid Roth they will not follow (John 10:5).

— James Lloyd

Christian Media Research

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2 Responses to Supernatural Sid

  1. Jeremiah 33:3 says:

    Thank you for this article. I ordered a book through Sids Roths supernatural TV show concerning a guest he had on his show. After receiving the book I was relentlessly bombarded with emails from his ministry for solicitation of monies for a long period of time. I just wanted the book about his guest but he revealed quickly to me that one of his darkened motives was money. God bless you in your efforts

  2. Emily Atteberry says:

    While I am certainly no fan of Sid Roth as he promotes false teachers ie: Todd Bently, et al. I will tell you why most “Jews” do not accept Yeshua as the Messiah. We are taught in Torah (The first five books of the Bible) and the Prophets exactly what the Messiah would be. The the followers of “Constantianian Christianity” have depicted Yeshua as: A Torah-breaking, SUN day worshiping, pig eating pagan which is forbidden in YHVH Word which never changes. Due to this fact and pretty much this fact alone, according to Constantianian Christianity completely disqualifies “Jesus” from being the Messiah. The Rabbinical Jews add to God’s Word and the Christians take away from His Word. Both are wrong. Yeshua says in Matthew “Think not that I have come to abolish the Torah and the Prophets, I have not come to abolish but to fulfill. Until Heaven and Earth passes away, not one jot or tittle shall in no way pass from the Torah until all is completed.”

    PS. Torah is properly translated instructions, not “law” which many unlearned twist not discerning the Word. And one more thing, when Paul is teaching about “Scriptures” etc in the Espitles, he is talking about the Old Testament as the New Testament cannon would not be written for a few centuries. Paul quotes from the Old Testament quite a bit. He was after all a Rabbi and had the entire Old Testament commited to memory.


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