The Jesuit-led Vatican and the Anglo American Israeli Empire

It’s difficult to trace the movement of British-Israelism directly to the Vatican; however, some clarity can be attained by looking at the organizations involved with the movement. The Jesuit-led Vatican is the common denominator of power in Britain, Israel, and the United States. The Vatican is the head of New World Order monster and she has big plans for earthly Jerusalem. To understand how all of the intrigue has come to a head in our time, we must take a closer look at the historical record.

In order to understand that the Vatican has the upper hand on both Britain and America, we need to examine the American Revolution. The United States is Rome’s satellite and has been since the end of the Revolution. The historical record shows that the Jesuits fomented the American Revolution using Freemasonry as a cover. Prior to the American Revolution, 10 out of 13 colonies had put in place strict penal measures against Roman Catholicism and Catholics. Rome couldn’t stand for that so she brought about the Revolution to correct the situation. The Constitution opened the door in the United States for the flourishing of Roman Catholicism and other cults. All of this was part of the Jesuit-led continuing counter-reformation that began in the 1540’s. The U.S. Constitution with its ‘freedom of religion’ gave us a Jesuitical/Freemasonic/universalist government that put Rome in the driver’s seat of the New World Order. The New World Order was launched right here on American soil in 1776. Rome and Britain had been locked in a battle for world dominance and Rome was working desperately to get Britain back under her control since Britain broke off during the Reformation. The Spanish Armada was a failure, so Rome had to resort to covert means.

Catholic Monarch King James II during his reign in England put the forth the Jesuit constructed ‘Declaration of Indulgences’ (1687) in order to lift the restrictions against Catholicism in England. It was written to include tolerance for all religions, but was really a mask to give tolerance to Rome. In 1688, English Protestants refused the Declaration and deposed Catholic King James II from the throne.

“The Liberty James wanted them to proclaim was neither more nor less than indulgence to the Jesuits and the whole Church of Rome. Men knew the hand from which it came and saw the latent intention. Under the specious plea of toleration and liberty, the object of the Declaration was to advance Popery… and give license… to the Church of Rome, and all its schemes for reconquering England.” (John Charles, Ryle, Churchman, Feb. 1880)

Fast forward 100 years and the ‘Declaration of Indulgences’ was re-written as the ‘Declaration of Independence’ and solidified in the U.S. Constitution under the guise of ‘freedom of religion’. The American Revolution was not about tea or taxes. It was a religious war.

With the American Revolution, Rome killed two birds with one stone. (1) Rome separated the American Colonies from Britain and delivered the colonies and all their wealth into Rome’s hand. (2) As part of the continuing Jesuit-led counter-reformation, Rome created the Constitution with ‘freedom of religion’ built into it in order to allow Roman Catholicism to come in and swallow up biblical Christianity that had existed in the colonies.

Remember, Catholicism had been banned in 10 out of 13 colonies. The American Revolution and Constitution made legal (Catholicism) what had been made illegal (Catholicism) in England.

Tupper Saussy wrote in his book Rulers of Evil:

“Before the Constitution was ratified, American Catholics had few civil rights; after ratification, they had them all… the Constitution welcomed agents of Pontifex Maximus, the world’s chief enemy of Protestantism, into the ranks of government. Of the 2,500,000 enumerated inhabitants in 1787 America, the Roman Catholic population consisted of no more than 16,000 in Maryland, 7,000 in Pennsylvania, 1,500 in New York, and 200in Virginia. Once the Constitution was in place, a steady influx of European immigrants transformed Roman Catholicism from America’s smallest to largest religious denomination. By 1850, the higher powers at Rome could view the United States as a viable tributary, if not another papal state.”

The whole American Revolution was a Jesuit scam. Most people wanted to stay loyal to Britain. Freemasons inside the British Parliament pushed laws/taxes on the American colonists to get them angry and rouse them to rebellion. Freemasons on the ground in the colonies fanned the flames of revolution. Washington’s Masonic Lodge at Fredricksburg, Virginia was Catholic/Jacobite infested. Jacobite Hugh Mercer came over to America from Scotland after having fought for the Catholic Jacobite cause in the Army of Bonnie Prince Charlie. Hugh Mercer joined the Masonic Lodge in Fredricksburg, Virginia and eventually became its master. Jacobite Hugh Mercer was also a close friend and adviser to George Washington. The Fredricksburg Masonic Lodge had 8 members who were generals in the American Revolution (Washington, Mercer, George Weedon, William Woodford, Fielding Lewis, Thomas Posey, Gustavus Wallace, and the Marquis de Lafayette). The Fredricksburg Masonic Lodge got its charter from the Mother Kilwinning Lodge of Scotland in 1758.

Prior to the American Revolution, the Jesuits infiltrated Freemasonry in the mid-1700’s, which had evolved from the fugitive Templars during the 14th-16thCenturies. While hiding within the order of Freemasonry, the Jesuits were also operating on the ground out in the open. The British General Haldimand wrote to his superiors in the British Government that the Jesuits were behind the American rebels. In the book Catholics and the American Revolution, Volume 3, (1906) written by Catholic Martin Ignatius Joseph Griffin, Griffin explains that during the American Revolutionary War the British General Haldimand, while he was in Quebec, wrote a letter to British Prime Minister Lord North, which told Lord North that the French Jesuits were supporting the American rebels. Griffin writes:

“The French Jesuits were upholders of the American cause. Hence the English authorities in Canada did not wish such (Jesuits) to enter the country. They desired priests from Savoy or other places. In 1783 Gen. Haldimand wrote to Lord North that he had sent two French priests back to France; that the Bishop desired recruits from the seminaries in France; that he was under Jesuit influence; that he is honorable, but that the Jesuits have sided with the rebels.”

Additionally, Griffin wrote two other volumes of his book. From Catholics and the American Revolution, Volume 1, Griffin quotes British General Haldimand directly from a letter that Haldimand wrote to Lord North. In this letter, Haldimand states plainly to Lord North that the Jesuits are supporting the American rebels in the Revolutionary War. Haldimand states:

“The Jesuits are the only order of regular priests who have shown an attachment to the rebels during the course of the war.”

The Jesuit Carroll family played a major role in the American Revolution. They were one of the wealthiest American families of the era. There were three Carroll sons: Daniel, John and their first cousin Charles. All of them were trained in Jesuit warfare at the Jesuit St. Omer’s College in France. John Carroll became a teacher there. Daniel Carroll donated the land on which the U.S. Capitol Building sits. Property records from the 1600’s reveal that this land was called ‘Rome’. Charles Carroll was the War Commissioner during the American Revolution. John Carroll was a close friend of Benjamin Franklin and even lived at Franklin’s home. John Carroll founded the Jesuit powerhouse Georgetown University and would become the first Catholic Bishop of the United States.

In the decades following the American Revolution, the Americans built the U.S. Capitol Building as an exact replica of St. Peter’s Basilica and even put a statue of the queen of heaven/Babylon on top of it. Then they erected an obelisk facing the Capitol Building just like the one in the Vatican courtyard that faces St. Peter’s Basilica. A Vatican painter, Constantino Brumidi, painted the interior of the U.S. Capitol dome with the ‘Apotheosis of George Washington’, which mirrors paintings of the ‘Apotheosis of Ignatius Loyola’ found throughout Jesuit Churches in Rome. Could it be any more obvious who founded this country?

Rome hated the Constitution and Bill of Rights, but she permitted its creation knowing that she would eventually subvert and destroy it, and it didn’t take long. Its creation was only necessary to allow Romanism to flourish where Romanism had been banned. Rome was thinking long-term and her patience and diligence has paid off. As of the present day in the United States, Catholics out number Protestants. We have an intelligence community run by the Knights of Malta, which is subservient to the Jesuit Order. Six out of nine U.S. Supreme Court Justices are Roman Catholic. We have 28 Jesuit colleges and Universities. Please understand that this writing is not an attack on Catholics. There are many good, everyday Catholic people in this country, but we must understand that Catholicism at the highest levels is Babylonian Sun Worship. It is the headquarters for occultism the world over. All of the other cults and ancient mystery schools flow from and feed into it. Rome has either launched or absorbed them all.

During the 19th and 20th Centuries, the counter-reformation continued and the subversion of Protestantism by the Jesuits would intensify in Britain and the United States. In Britain and America, much of the subversion has its roots in the Oxford Tractarian Movement and its Jesuitical futuristic prophetic schemes. These futuristic schemes would be later be attached to Zionism and its variants such as British-Israelism in order to influence the political sphere.

Froom writes of how Jesuitical futurism began to overcome Protestantism in England during the 1800’s:

“Catholic Futurism, initially projected by Jesuit Ribera about 1585, began to obtain a foothold and then gain momentum among Protestants in Britain. Thus the same concept that sought to break the force of the Reformation view of the papal Antichrist, by assuming a future infidel antichrist, was again invoked to weaken the force of the great evangelical advent and prophetic awakening. Protestant expositors, some leaning toward Rome and some prompted by rationalistic concepts, joined hands in the attempt—perhaps unwittingly—to promote the Jesuit position. This, moreover, came to be tied inseparably with the Oxford Tractarian Movement of the Anglican Church, wherein ninety tracts were scattered by the hundreds of thousands to favor Rome and to disprove the Protestant concept of Antichrist” (Leroy Froom, Prophetic Faith Of Our Fathers, Vol. 3, 655, 656).

Jesuit Futurism would influence Irving and Darby in England, and later Scofield in America:

“Far too many evangelicals today do not realize who was behind the work of Maitland, Todd, Burgh, and the whole Oxford Tractarian Movement. The reason that futurism made its way to Irving and Darby—and latter Scofield—is because it flourished in the Anglican Church, and the reason futurism flourished in Anglicanism is for the simple reason that the Jesuits were personally behind this work…The fact of the matter is clear: The whole Oxford movement with its birth of modern day dispensational futurism was, from its inception, a movement going back to Rome.” (D.S. Farris, Futurism: The Counterfeit Prophecy, Chp. 8)

After having been injected into the body of Christ, the concepts of Dispensational Futurism would later be leveraged to benefit political Zionism:

“the Jesuits were very successful at implementing Dispensational Futurism into the policies of Great Britain, and Britain indeed became the champion for Zionism. The Balfour Declaration was a letter dated November 2, 1917, from the British Foreign Secretary Arthur James Balfour, to Lord Rothschild (Walter Rothschild, 2nd Baron Rothschild), a leader of the British Jewish community, for transmission to the Zionist Federation, a private Zionist organization. The letter stated the position, agreed at a British Cabinet meeting on October 31, 1917, that the British government supported Zionist plans for a Jewish “national home” in Palestine, with the condition that nothing should be done which might prejudice the rights of existing communities there. The Jesuit Illuminati was very successful in conditioning (through the Jesuit Counter Reformation) Great Britain to nurture the ideology of Zionism among European Jews. The second task of the Jesuits was to create events that would trigger the relocation of the Jews to Palestine. Part two of the Jesuit Illuminati’s geopolitical strategy was to create Fascism inevitably to create the State of Israel in Palestine.” (D.S. Farris, The Two-Horned Beast: Part Two – The New World Order, Chp. 11)

The roots of British-Israelism are obscure, but it appears to be a movement created for political purposes as opposed to something that Christians genuinely (and erroneously) believed in. In the early days of the Zionist movement, there were some British politicians who embraced British-Israelism and supported relocating the racial Jews to Palestine because they thought it would fulfill ‘prophecy’ faster and hasten the second coming of Christ. Most telling is that British-Israelism arose out of British Freemasonry; therefore, we can assume British-Israelism originated with the Jesuits considering the Jesuits control Freemasonry and the country of Britain. Barry Chamish wrote in an article titled ‘British Freemasonry Covets Israel’:

“Without British Freemasonry there would be no modern state of Israel. In the 1860s, the British-Israelite movement was initiated from within Freemasonry.”

Anton Chaitkin adds:

“The British monarchy and its prime ministers and Foreign Office fabricated British Israelism in the nineteenth century, from earlier versions of the story. They claimed that Queen Victoria was descended from the Biblical King David, and was thus a descendant of the Davidic family tree that produced Jesus. They taught that the tribes of Israel wandered into northern Europe; that by this supposed genealogy, the British are the real Chosen People, and the British Empire is thus God’s empire. The modern Jews, by this British account, are not the historical Hebrews of Old Testament Israel, but rather, the British are. But, says the British Israel myth, in a leap of logic, the Jews need to be put into Palestine, to fulfill prophecy, get slaughtered in a war with the Muslims, and bring about the End Times. To provide fuel for this mythology, the royal family asked the British Grand Lodge of Freemasonry to establish the Palestine Exploration Fund.”

What Anton Chaitkin is describing in British-Israelism is just another variation of Zionism, which ends up in the same place as regular Zionism – the racial Jews relocated to Palestine. However, Chaitkin misses the fact that the Jesuits created the false futuristic prophetic schemes that support Zionism. It wasn’t the British Royals who concocted the Oxford Tractarian Movement and its false future prophetic structures. Seemingly, British-Israelism is just another angle from which the Jesuits can cause people to focus on the flesh and earthly Jerusalem. The Jesuits are the great Zionists. Likely, the British Royals are working hand-in-hand with them and British-Israelism is a decoy to take our eyes off of the real plot of relocating the pope’s chair to Jerusalem.

History shows that the Vatican/Jesuits brought the Nazi regime into power in order to turn Europe into a nightmare for the Jews in hopes of relocating them to Palestine. To get the Christians on board with this program of a national homeland for the Jews in Palestine, Jesuit dispensationalism was pumped into American churches through the Scofield Reference Bible, which has caused Christians to support Israel with bloodthirsty, unwavering support.

According to some researchers such as Chamish, the Vatican was given control of all the ‘holy’ sites in east Jerusalem when Jesuit-trained Shimon Peres had the sites handed over to Vatican control through the Oslo Accords in 1993. The Vatican is apparently closing in on Jerusalem trying to regain what she lost to the Muslims during the crusades of the Middle Ages.

The only problem is that the Muslims still control the Dome of the Rock which supposedly sits on top of the remnant of Solomon’s Temple. The Vatican would like to rebuild Solomon’s Temple but needs to get the Dome of the Rock out of the way. Potential solutions in eyes of Vatican:

1) Foment World War III between the Muslims and the “Jews” in Israel and just take the Dome of the Rock from the Muslims.

2) Create peace and unity between Muslims, Jews, and Christians through ecumenism and just unite everybody on common religious ground, thus avoiding war, and make Jerusalem an international city.

Most likely, the idea that British Royals are going to make New Jerusalem in Britain or in the Middle East is just a Jesuit diversion. The British Royals aren’t pulling the strings of everything – the Jesuits and Rome are hiding behind them. The British government, like the U.S. government, is also infested with Freemasonry and the Knights of Malta among many other occult orders that feed into the Vatican. The real endgame is putting the pope’s chair in Jerusalem. After all, he is the ‘vicar’ of Christ and ‘God’ on earth, according to the papacy.

1.2 Billion “Christians” already bow down to him. The British Royals certainly don’t have that kind of devotion from the world’s people. The dumbed-down Protestants will support the pope in the name of unity if the right political conditions can be fabricated. Many Protestants already welcome the pope with open arms. The whole world is probably going to end up bowing down to him if and when he moves into Jerusalem, but God’s remnant will not. We’ve got our eyes on Jerusalem above. Praise God.

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32 Responses to The Jesuit-led Vatican and the Anglo American Israeli Empire

  1. GC says:

    Remember the double-agent betrayal of “Cardinal Newman”, too.
    That guy was a Romanist from day one, a spy, who worked the Anglican Church from the inside-out, and then took a lot of lukewarm dupes along with him back to Rome when he had his “conversion” to Rome. This was part of that covert infiltration of England by Rome in the 1800s.

  2. jimi says:

    The present racial Jews are in no way descendants of Yaqub(Jacob). They are converts to Judaism and their forebears descended from Gomer, Japheth’s son. In the middle ages they were Khazars(Ashkenazi) and lived around the Caucasus mountains. Their mind-set is more Greco-Roman than Hebrew and the language they speak today(Yiddish) is little related to the original Hebrew. They are in no way participants in the curses promised the ancient Hebrews by Almighty Yahuwah(the eternal Name of the Creator which the enemy has tried to hide from the world!) which can be found in Deut 28&29, and their 1948 gathering in the land of Canaan is certainly not that promised by Yahuwah at the return of Yahushua (the true Name of the Son of the Most High). Any truth lover should show their approval by studying to know the truth, and thereby obtain freedom and break free of the veil that is spread over the nations.

    • Vinny says:

      Yet, Jews of Jesus time rejected him just as these Jews do today. Are you trying to say there is some good sect of Jews out there whose name has been smeared and will spring forth to save us all? If so, you’re on the wrong track. This article and your beliefs are way off the mark. The Anti-Christ will be a Jew. The people behind the curtain are Jews and their cohorts, Even the Jesuits were created by Jews. It was foretold that Jesus’ would be rejected by his own people. These are the same people. You give Jews too much credit. They have no covenant with God. The only covenant with God is through Christ Jesus and him alone, and trying to find the “true” Jews is futile at best. Apostle Paul said himself to avoid genealogies because they’re meaningless.

      • Zip says:

        You Dreyfus boys are Jesuits cogs knowingly or unknowingly listening Catholic Zealots on the internet pushing Dreyfus affair propaganda to scapegoating Jews is easily debunked with research on the topic.. Jesuits were not created by Jews this was also debunked. So your whole comment shows you just regurgitate and not investigate facts in history or in scripture!

      • cmardern says:

        Tell us more, I continue to attempt to understand the true relationship between the Zionist powers and the Jesuit/ Vatical powers. It seems the Jesuit damage control from the protestant reformation is at the heart. The creating of the counterfeit Israel and the spread of the Schofield bible by Jesuit Oxford in the single biggest event that has rendered the church of Jesus Christ powerless as they have forsaken their birthright as the true Israel of God. What came first the Jesuit or the Zionist?

        I see the Counterfeit Israel as the biggest Psyop ever imposed on mankind. I’m going to post it here on the blog.

        Thanks for your comment Zip. tell us more

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  6. Xavier says:

    I’m not really kin in tracing a racial Jewish people because I know that, even with the circumcision of the foreskin a lot of the jews weren’t still actually God’s people as evident in their disposition to follow other gods. But the True jews are the jews of the New-testament. A people whose right to become a people of God isn’t by the circumcision of the foreskin but the circumcision of the heart. A people of faith in Christ Jesus for these are the true children of Abraham who is the father of faith.

    • Vinny says:

      Your response is the best response. The heirs of God’s promises to Abraham are those in Christ (Galatians 3). Galatians 3:16 even further explains Genesis 17:5-7 as “thy seed” being Jesus. Christians did. Romans 9:6-8 says the children of God are not of the flesh, but the children of the promise (i.e. those in Christ). Genesis 12:2 says, “I will make your name great, and you will be a blessing. Genesis 12:3 says, “in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed.” Genesis 17:6 says, “I will make you very fruitful; I will make nations of you, and kings will come from you.” Isaacs descendants didn’t create “many” nations or produce kings. This is Jesus and his body of believers. No greater people have lived on this earth than Christians and no group of people have been more fruitful, more of a blessing, or produced more kings than Christendom. We who believe in Christ are God’s children. Israel the nation is false Israel. Israel of God is the Church, and so many “Christians” have fallen in the trap believing that Jews are the “chosen” people.

    • pharmerdavid says:

      The question of somebody’s racial or ethnic heritage is irrelevant, what is relevant is if they are part of God’s church, as defined in the Holy Bible. Many Jews are becoming Messianic Jews, who believe in the New Testament, which was predicted in the Bible. I’ve become a Seventh-day Adventist, and when I told my Jewish mother about it, she told me SHE was a Seventh-day Adventist too, went to Loma Linda University for premed, but then her Jewish father threatened to cutoff her funds if she was baptized, so she transferred to UCLA. My point is that Seventh-day Adventists and Messeanic Jews both interpret the Bible literally, including the New Testament. My own conversion happened because Walter Veith at the “Amazing Discoveries” channel explains the Bible so I can understand it, and also how current events fit into the biblical narrative. Professor/Pastor Walter has an amazing mind, is incredibly dedicated, and divinely guided.

  7. M McL says:

    Spend some time with Kevin Phillip’s ‘the cousins’ wars’. The quintessential soldier in the Am Rev was Scot and Calvinistic, thus the Zionism. Don Lewis’ ‘the origins of christian zionism’ is a very good read and mentions the Prussian, German contributions to Anglican embassy in Jerusalem, 1840s.

    • Vinny says:

      Trying to pit one White sect against the other, eh? Kudos to you, ya Jew! “The cousins’ Wars” were sparked and led by Jews. Bolshevik Jews, from Vladimir Lenin to Leon Trotsky were proud about the fact that they murdered the Tsar and his family. Even the American Civil War was financed by Jews on both sides while it was Jews and only Jews bringing in Africans and selling them. In fact, the Jewish Senator David Levy Yulee of Florida, his own father, Moses Elias Levy, wrote a book instructing the abolishment of slavery while living in London, then he moved to America and bought and ran one of the largest slave plantations. The Confederate Secretary of War, State, and Treasury was a Jew by the name of Judah P. Benjamin. When the Union came for the Confederate gold, he fled to Britain to become the Queen’s counsel. It’s interesting that Kevin Phillips, to author of the book you suggested, has an Ashkenazi Jewish surname. Perhaps that’s why he doesn’t mention Jews.

      When the truth is told, everyone shrinks back and shuts up. I just want people to tell the truth for once and stand up.

  8. Walt Stickel says:

    The Jesuit-led Vatican and the Anglo American Israeli Empire. Say could you email me. Would like to talk to the author of this post. You can get my email from This is a very informative post and it connects all the dots.

  9. Kandi says:

    There is definately a great deal to find out about this subject.
    I really like all the points you’ve made.

    • Vinny says:

      You’re being led astray. Just look at who runs the media, the banks, Hollywood, Internet corporations, and on and on. It’s not Catholics or even Protestants. It’s the Jews.

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  13. Gary Stanfield says:

    Very true. The U.S. is run by the Shadow Government which is the Jesuits and Secret Societies. They are taking over the schools and hospitals along with the other medical facilities. Obama is Jesuit trained and a virtual President working for the Vatican and Jesuits for the demise of the U.S.. Reagan signed the Concordat with the Papacy and this country has been going down hill at a quick pace. Father and son Bush are Papacy secret society of Skull and Bones. Clinton a Rhodes Scholar who takes the same oath as the Jesuits. Once they flood this country with Illegal Catholic Aliens then the Vatican and Jesuits are going after the Protestant denominations. People are brainwashed and most have no clue what’s coming. This is all about putting the Pope in Jerusalem moving his throne to the Dome of the Rock. The Papacy had Lincoln and Kennedy killed, they backed the South during the Civil War, and of coarse the Knights of the Klu Klux Klan, they wear the same religious Catholic ceremony robes and pointed hats. This earth is Satan’s and Yahweh Messiah will wipe out this Babylonian Religious System when He returns, Christianity will end up being the One World Religion with the Pope over it.

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  15. Fred says:

    You people have a huge problem with reality. You think the Catholic Church controls the Rothschild’s or the Zionists. You obviously know nothing even about the history of the 20th century. The same bankster cabal fostered and supported the communist revolution in Russia and was also backing the communist movement throughout Europe from the 1920’s on. That was the biggest threat not only to the Catholics but to all Christianity. Despite the 1.1 billion adherents, the RC church is relatively poor Having the Rothschild as the Vatican central bank was a huge mistake, but that does not mean it controls its polices. There are about 60,000 Jesuit priests in the world. The overwhelming majority are teachers and run parishes. The problem is that they are generally too liberal these days in doctrinal matters. If more RC’s and Christians were really interested in history and politics we would be more united and the Zionists would not be running things.

    • Vinny says:

      It’s funny how these people will believe the lie of a Communist Jew who wrote “The Thirteenth Tribe” and popularized the Khazarian theory. It’s like they think that there are some good Jews out there who have had their name smeared. As if they didn’t chose Barabbas the Revolutionary over Jesus and revolt from that day forth, or that they created the Jesuit Order. They don’t want to acknowledge the fact that Communism was created by Jews. Marx, Lenin, Trotsky, Epstein, and on and on were all Jews, and the bankers who financed it were Jewish too, from Jacob Schiff to Paul Warburg.

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  17. William says:

    Bull Shit! You know nothing about the founding fathers. The founding fathers hate Britain and the Vatican.

  18. russ says:

    Forget the commentators and ask who were the builders. The stone that the builders reject has become the chief cornerstone. Upon this rock I build my house. The builders have been trying to undermine the building of the house with Gnostic practice and secrecy of evil. God’s kingdom came 2000 yrs ago and it is Spiritual not invisible as masons falsely assume. The have eyes and ears but cannot see. Jesus revealed and fulfilled every ancient religious practice of these powers and principalities and rulers of this age. All Pagan religion was pure priest craft creating a son of God sitting on a throne to be worshiped. Emperor worship to Moa Tse Tung reverence. its all the same false government rule of lies and superstition. Nothing prepared them for the incarnation of God with us Emmanuel. They are Hegelian Euclidean manipulators of the will of the people and soon they will overstretch their hand. Mankind has found them worse than the Catholic deception and the French Revolution will be upon their heads and families this time. Money lending and credit creation is the divine right of people and not government and Big Judeo Masonic Banks. A retroactive Law will cease all assets and grant us a Year of Jubilee. No bank shall operate freely but all shares will be dissolved and replace with a unit trust of the people offering a general value of the overall shares. This will stabilize our economies and curtail speculation that is so disastrous to our markets. The Pope was never even a title or office ordained by God so just like the Rabbinate they thought tradition was superior to Word. God bless you all and keep the Faith.

  19. russ says:

    There are an abundance of articles enlightening the Jesuit/Jew heavy counter reformation and Jew control of masonry. Might we keep our eyes on the money. History without money is boring and bland subject. No money no war so pro Bono. Follow the money and you will find only one people who use masonic dupes and traitors to fulfill their false hope of nations bowing down to this disobedient and obstinate people. Even God became antisemitic just read Deuteronomy.
    We speak of Jesuits and the Scoffield bible but what of the Jewish money behind Oxford university Press. Its clear as mud the Mormons and JW and BI movement got fiancees from Rothschild and are littered with masonic open secrets. Too all those unsuspecting Catholics and Masons I apologist the truth hurts. To the Jew I offer God judgment and damnation. Repent or the reckoning will be eternal and irreversible.

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