Follow up on the “Work”

Follow up confirmation from the last show about the work God is doing that no one would believe. Sent in by our good friend Linda. Thank you Linda!
I just love when Gods spirit blows and we all get the same thing at the same time. Very exciting.

No Remedy

An exerpt:
So often we have defined God and His ways within our own self serving perspectives. And even today, the rebellious church prays to God to deliver us from our enemies, and yet God is raising up enemies to chasten His people. But since we are hard of hearing and blind, and since we are consumed with our own lusts and interests, we call out to God who will not hear. His ears can hear, but our sins have separated us from our Father God. It is for our own good, but it is painful nonetheless. The modern Babylonians have overrun the house of God. They have set up their own idols, they have brought in damnable heresies, they have bought our hearts with gold and silver, and they have set up false teachers and hirelings.

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Member of the remnant body of Jesus Christ preaching the everlasting gospel in the last days of gross darkness
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1 Response to Follow up on the “Work”

  1. lindafourwinds says:

    Hi Chris,

    Rick Frueh in his study (There Is No Remedy) makes a personal statement that he sincerely believes there is “NOW no remedy” that the time for repentance has passed. This is huge, as I have felt for some time that the Corp. Church is beyond repentance, because they can’t see. If you can’t see, you can’t repent. They are comfy and in love with the easy believism and do not want to hear, let alone change their life style. The call to come out of her my people Rev 18:4 has been going on since the time of Constantine in the 4th Century. Before that the church was growing, staying true to the Apostles teachings of Jesus and having no interest in the political and governmental affairs of their day. Citizenship was in Heaven. History shows us that those small groups that did separate themselves were persecuted, tortured and killed by proud men thinking they were doing God’s work. If we are at the time spoken of in the book of Habakkuk where the messengers “the ecclesia” are mocked and the Lords Word His Truth is despised in the Church and there is no remedy (deliverance, healing, cure) than judgment has begun and it must first begin at the house of God .. 1Pe 4:17 I believe that judgment has begun for those that love not the truth. This is why the remnant has been basically living in solitude scattered in the spiritual desert. I hear the chatter from some of the blogs, even FB pertaining to lack of fellowship. But, our time out here is learning that Jesus is enough. This is the one on one relationship with our Lord and Savior. He shields us from the plagues of Rev 18:4. And Rev 18:5 For her sins have reached unto heaven, and God hath remembered her iniquities. …. Woe


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