Fractured Fairy Tales: The abomination that makes desolate



Mar 13:14 But when ye shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, standing where it ought not, (let him that readeth understand,) then let them that be in Judaea flee to the mountains:
Join us for another installment in our Fractured Fairy Tales Series. We look at the Abomination that makes Desolate. Gigantic understanding revealed on the subject make for a powerful show.
The Lion, The Bear, The Leopard 4 Beasts and the Little Horn This group pictured symbolise the powers that came together in 1947/48 truly the most pivotal time period arguably in history.

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Member of the remnant body of Jesus Christ preaching the everlasting gospel in the last days of gross darkness
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4 Responses to Fractured Fairy Tales: The abomination that makes desolate

  1. Joan says:

    Hi Brother Chris, I really appreciate your posts (I have been with you guys since your ‘Watchmen Weekly’ days). I came across this free software, that really helps me follow along when listening to your studies. It’s called King James Pure Bible Search. It allows you to type in words or phrases and it displays them chapter and verse, as well telling you how many times a particular word or phrase occurs in the KJV. I find it very useful and think that maybe the other listeners may, as well. It is free a free download and is easily found by simply googling ‘King James Pure Bible Search’. Anyway, thanks and God bless for your labors.

  2. Vickie Jacobs says:

    Great show as always! I myself open the scriptures and boom…more insight. It’s so amazing!
    God is really opening up so much.
    Thanks Chris!

  3. i think the real key to the abomination being “set up” is that the existing abomination of wilful and presumptuous sin Hebrews 10:26-31. The sin becomes so openly arrogant that it is shamelessly flaunted in glory while despising Gods law and trampling the blood of Christ underfoot…this behaviour was spawned with the bay-boom and become worse with each passing generation contained therein., these are the untoward generations that Peter spoke of in which it vexes the spirit of the believer dwelling among them from day to day…,,,,,never has lack of modesty ever been so flaunted and proudly displayed, Sodomy is no longer a thing that was hidden and ashamed of but now is joyously being paraded or displayed conspicuously with vigor. Mans achievements are the flags of humanism dripping with pride and being waved in Gods face

    Giant preachers in the earth, mighty men of renown, worldy respected names, such as Graham, Piper, and multitudinous others are exasperating with great swelling words that they can sin every day and God doesn’t see their sin,,,,some how they themselves can see it and flaunt it, but God is blind to it???…oh my, what proud branches of arrogance have shot forth into the sky from this tree of abomination Mark 4-32…. its becoming absurd and reaching to the highest level of heaven….Rev 18-5 For her sins have reached unto heaven………


    • cmardern says:

      Hey Bill yeah I agree the bottom line is trampling the son of God under foot. Willful sin. What I’m understanding now and the conection to babylon is the counterfeit nature of babylon. The counterfeit holiness etc.

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