The 2 Witnesses, Jesus the pattern son

Rev 11:3 And I will give power unto my two witnesses, and they shall prophesy a thousand two hundred and threescore days, clothed in sackcloth.

“In verse 3 the anointing of power comes upon the Two Witnesses. This is the same anointing that came upon Jesus at the River Jordan when the Holv Ghost descended upon Him. But you say that we have already received that anointing when we received the glorious infilling or Baptism of the Holy Ghost. No, my friend, we only get the earnest of our inheritance. “That is, this “Pentecostal” experience that thousands have experienced is in substance the same, but in quantity only a very small measure of what Jesus had, and what is in store for those who claim their rightful inheritance in Christ. This anointing of the two witnesses is when the Glory of God (Jesus) fills the entire Temple of God (Body of Christ, the Overcomer) so that Truth and Life may flow out of the Temple to edify, strengthen and comfort those that mourn in Zion, the City of God (the Bride of Christ, the travailing Woman). Oh, beloved, this is not fantasy or a play upon Words – this is actually going to happen, and God is even now getting us ready for this glorious event. Picture, if you will, a group of people spread out across the world, sold out to Jesus, crying and travailing before God for the desperate need of the world. Suddenly, He appears! Not to everyone, but to those who are looking for Him. And He appears unto full salvation! Not to run away with us to hide from the battle in the day of the Lord, but to anoint us and fill us with His glory and power and the fulness of His Spirit! And by the act of His appearance this group of people are made one body, separated by many miles in the flesh, but joined to One Head, and operating under the same divine command. Suddenly the world sees Jesus again in the flesh, as He manifests himself through these thousands of saints simultaneously around the world. And if hell was shaken, if thrones and principalities toppled and fell, if the religious world was stirred, and if the common people were revived the first time God was manifested in the flesh, in one body, then think what it will be when He manifests that same Life through thousands at the same time. Blasphemy? Oh no, it’s the promise of God’s eternal Word, and it shall not fail! But the world does not like what it sees. If they loved Him, then they’ll love you. But they hated Him, fought Him, tried their best to kill Him, and finally did.”

This is an exerpt from an excellent book by Bill Britton. It first shows the 2 witness principle as it pertains to the law and at the same time is a second witness to what we have been teaching about the 2 witnesses only with much more insights than I’ve ever seen before, This is very edifying.

2 Witnesses Jesus the pattern son This link is the article with my highlights

The 2 witnesses Jesus the pattern son This link is to the website with the whole book.

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  1. John Grover says:

    this rabid dribbling of info is nothing but FALSE DOCTRINE! evidently you failed simple bible 101.

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