Understanding the 70 weeks of Daniel

Posted on May 31, 2020 by cmardern

Part 1

Study Notes   PDF Download   Understanding the 70 weeks of Daniel Part 1

Part 2

Continuing in our study with the groundwork layed in the previous posts. Very important to get the whole picture, to understand the identities, true and counterfeit. Prophectic studies understanding the spiritual, metaphoric language of scripture.

The 70 weeks of Daniel Part 2 Understanding Study Notes in PDF

Other Studies to help understand the “anointed ones”

The Mystery of Israel   Posted (May 26 2019) 1 year ago

The BRANCH, the Royal Melchezedek Priesthood, the 2 witnesses, the Manifest Sons of God

The 144,000 Manifest Sons of God Part 1

Second Witness to the 70 Jubilees


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